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Got 'em!

I won the 7-day bidding on my two Head Radical rackets from eBay, and although they're used, they end up being half price by buying them this way. And I like Head rackets. I've used one for years, and these Agassi rackets are supposed to be pretty good. We'll see. My new Head racket (the Steffi one) is so light, it's like carrying stiffened air around the court. Hopefully these will be a little more substantial. They're strung a little tight for me, but they should loosen up with some use. We'll see.

I just love buying on eBay. I love the whole auction concept. I love auctions, period. I'd love to have mucho more money, just so I could go to auctions and buy more stuff on eBay. The cool thing about eBay as opposed to a regular auction is having stuff arrive in the mail. It's like getting Christmas presents all year long (even though you've paid for the stuff yourself). Yesterday I got my Wimbledon order, which was fabulous, and I got the racket bag Charlie bought me. (An "A Agassi Radical" bag to carry my new rackets!) I have another bag coming, and now the rackets themselves.

So today I took four other staffers out to play some tennis, hit the ball and learn scoring, etc. We played for around an hour, and we had a blast. They all hit pretty well, considering, and I had them play a game and a tie-break, just to get the scoring experience. Once the 'competition' started, they all hit better!

Well, I've been interrupted three times now, and I might as well get back to work and reconcile a couple big financial transactions so I can stop being asked about them. My three-day weekend is about to start!

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