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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Surviving the heat . . . 
24th-Jul-2006 09:17 am
sunshine (on red animated)
I guess I haven't been that interested in blogging for the past few days. Feels like all I did yesterday was play Zuma compulsively. I needed to do bills (but didn't), it was too hot to play tennis or work in the yard. We did go early and get around $50 worth of flowers, gorgeous stuff to fill up the holes, so to speak. But it was too hot to get it planted.

Today's supposed to be cooler, but some say close to 100, others say 90 or so. Yesterday was 101 again.

I watched Blake beat Roddick in Indiannapolis; there were only a couple points between them, but it comes down to the instinct to win. Blake has it and right now Roddick doesn't. You have to give the guy credit, though, for hanging in there and continuing to work.

Taped Colin on Leno (too bad they cut out the drama with his phone sex stalker!) and the Miami Vice special from Saturday, as well as a few things from the L.A. premiere and a preview that MTV did. I have to say (and I'll put it in a specific post later) I'm a little tentative about embracing Colin as Sonny Crockett. It's hard to compete with the beautiful Don Johnson in that role, and the voice and manner of speaking Colin uses in the movie is rubbing me the wrong way (as hard as that is to imagine). "Badness is happening"? Wtf?

NOTE TO CHARLIE OR BRIAN OR NIK OR SOMEBODY: I need an icon that shows Don/Sonny and Colin/Sonny either juxtaposed or animated or something. I'd like it to be called "Vice Versa." Thanks in advance!

In other news, Laurie's back at LJ, but she's abandoned the journal she started last fall and is now using another LJ name for fanfic. I don't think I'd heard a word from her in eight months. People certainly seem to come and go, and sometimes it takes a while to get into the LJ thing. I know I certainly wax and wane myself, and there have been years where I've hardly posted since I started this thing.

And although we haven't started our official workout journals yet, I'd like to report here that I'm impatient about my results. Like, where the hell ARE they???!!!

Gotta get to work on auction procurement, so I'd better sign off.

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25th-Jul-2006 04:27 am (UTC)
I didn't think about it when I was around a few months ago, but your name, the mistress part.

Are you in a d/s relationship?

I'm just now learning a little about it.

I thought I saw your name a few yrs. ago in a dom fem group.

I mean no harm, just curious.
25th-Jul-2006 04:52 am (UTC)
No, Kyra, I'm not currently in a dom/sub relationship, at least not a sexual one. I'm certainly sexually aggressive, and I'm certainly dominant in several relationships (if you count work). The 'Mistress Marilyn' thing was born years ago when I was attending sci fi conventions, wearing a leather bra and carrying handcuffs and all that, all in good fun. It was after I gave up costuming as specific characters (like Tasha Yar from Star Trek).

Charlie had a master thing going, and she'd take on slaves at convention, put leashes on them and order them around. It was all in good fun.

'Mistress Marilyn' seems a common enough name if you Google it. I think there's a professional dominatrix with that name, but it's not me, and I've never been in any groups that weren't fanfic based.
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