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Another fete accompli!

The board meeting was a smashing success, despite traffic issues and a late start. Everybody did a great job with their roles, and Leslie's speech was a real winner, even better than I could have dreamed.

And the 100-second teaser to our documentary is so wonderful. I think people loved it. I hope so.

Dick came to the meeting, so I was seated between him and Marcia, two of my best friends in the world. And that was lovely. Not that I was seated much. I was mostly running around and directing the action.

Anyway, I think it got us off to a good start.

And now I need to run over to the park two blocks from here and put up the signs that reserve our area for the staff picnic. We always close the office the day after the annual meeting and have our picnic. (Of course, this is technically my day off anyway.)

Unfortunately, before I ever went to the meeting I had to express my frustration to 'the boss,' and I had to do it in an email (since he was tied up all day, then gone). But considering we won't be in the same room again for almost two weeks, it was important. It's been building for a while, and he needed to know. After spending a couple hours getting my auction procurement letters done, unable to get my time tracking done and feeling this near-resentment about the lack of support I'm feeling both leader-wise and admin-wise, my head was ready to pop.

Dick and I talked about it for nearly a half hour after the meeting, and it calmed me down.

I definitely need a week off and a chance to decompress and concentrate on something else. (Tennis? Gotta go set up to tape the semis in L.A. which are on ESPN2 while we're out today. Agassi v. Gonzalez.)

I hope the sun comes out eventually. I hate cloudy picnics.

(And I've hardly heard anything from Tom this week. I'm worried about him.)

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