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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Three more days ... 
17th-Jun-2005 12:00 am
Three more tough days to go. It, of course, is raining. Today was actually better than we expected. Both Charlie and I spent ten hours registering artists, and we expected to get soaked but didn't.

In eight more days I'll get a weekend off! Maybe I'll sneak in some time next week . . .

BSB is on Jay Leno, so I'm recording it. I've heard rumors that 'Never Gone' will be #1 next week, but I'll believe that when I see it. This is the fourth show we've recorded this week, including a 'Behind the Music' on VH1 that sounded pretty interesting (the real version of stories we've only heard sanitized over the years -- like the fact that even Kevin had very little sympathy for Brian when he had his heart problem!)

My hay fever is so horrible again -- it's maddening! It's been years since it was this bad, but I'm not sure there's really anything I can do about it at this point. Maybe I'll address it next year when I'm not dealing with everything else.

Last night finished "Untitled." Very sad. Charlie cried when she read it. I know it won't get much reaction around the lists, because it's 'S.W.A.T.' -- a limited fandom. But I might start posting to the Livejournal S.W.A.T. community -- I just haven't decided. This is truly for my own satisfaction alone, really. (And we'll end up with a good collection of S.W.A.T. fics at our site eventually. We now have nearly four S.W.A.T. songfics!)

Maybe this weekend I'll finish "Scars"! (I love saying that every few days . . .)

I saw the first part of 'Dahmer' tonight. Interesting, as always. I'd never seen the beginning before. I've definitely got a Jeremy thing going.

Gotta get back to working out and watching my eating after this weekend. I've been horrible! I'm going to spend a disgusting summer if I don't get my *hit together. I was doing so well after Vegas in April, then sickness and work intervened. So, here I go again! (the story of my life ....)

Charlie's napping with the cats and I'm sitting here wondering what to eat!

Tomorrow I'll help with jury scores. Saturday I'm getting my hair done. Don't know if I'll go to the dinner -- probably not. Then Sunday pick up auction donations at the show, so lots of walking and driving and carrying, etc. Now they say it will be 75 degrees! We'll see.

Gotta get back to the movies! 'Batman Begins' is open! 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' was huge last weekend. And we want to see 'Revenge' again (not to mention trying to catch 'Kingdom of Heaven' in second run). Wow.

And next week I've gotta set up the Vegas trip for August, since Backstreet is supposed to be at Mandalay Bay . . . hope we can do it. They're supposed to play at an outdoor venue here (ugh).

Just trivial stuff tonight, which feels nice. Got some good sleep and then watched a *fascinating* show on the Sundance Channel about what happens to people in L.A. when they die with no relatives or loved ones. This will figure into "Scars"!

Better wake Charlie up to see Backstreet ...
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