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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Absolutely lazy day . . . 
3rd-Aug-2006 12:59 am
Yesterday we ran errands, went to take Charlie's 'sample' to the doctor, went to the post office, took Charlie to the dentist, then took a long ride with Sue in the late afternoon (photos were uploaded and posted yesterday). (God, I was a hard-ass during part of that ride, but Sue and her family really drive me nuts sometimes!)

So today we did nothing. Slept in, watched TV, played Zuma. I did water a few flowers and take a shower, but that was about it. It was the middle day of my vacation week, and I had no ambition whatsoever. We didn't even play tennis.

Tomorrow we'll get back to the court and maybe back to the show to see Vice again. Tom is about to head out for a long vacation out of town, so I won't hear from him for a couple weeks (which will seem strange, as it will be the first time in eight months).

And I should have run on the treadmill tonight, but I just had no ambition. So instead we ate popcorn, watched 'The Libertine' and then had ice cream.

After all, it *is* my vacation!

Sorry that Andre lost in D.C. I'm starting to feel even more nervous about him winning his first round at the Open, which he needs to do to break Lendl's record. I know it's stupid, but I can't help it.

And it was lovely to find a Jimbo drabble when I just checked my friends view! I miss sharing drabbles with my flist (like we did for a while at ka100).

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