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Where have I been???!!!

It's been a week since my last post! Man, time flies when you're not having fun . . . and I've been back at work since Monday and flailing, it seems. After a week off, re-entry was particularly bumpy, and I finally got my email inbox down to 30 or so (from more than 100), and I got my hair done Tuesday night, and I've tried to keep the tennis going in the evenings . . .

Anyway, I have three more meetings today, then I'm off again for three days. No, I'm not, because we're doing our volunteer car wash for four hours on Saturday, so I'll be back here to wash board member's cars (which sounded like a great idea when we talked about it three months ago).

More important, in three weeks I'll be on vacation again! And it will be U.S. Open time, and the summer will be nearly over.


I haven't done the treadmill once this week, but I played so hard on the court last night (with Mitch, mostly) that I was deathly sore after. So I didn't even bring clothes to walk with the girls today. I'm still waiting to see results of all these efforts, although I'm starting to recognize my body a little more. It's funny. When I'm out of shape, I don't feel like myself. When I start to get in better shape, I always define it (even internally) as 'recognizing' my body or seeing my regular body come back. That ideal body has probably existed much more rarely than the out-of-shape one, but I always feel it's my real body. (And considering it took a dozen years out of the second half of my life to develop my back and shoulders and arms -- the whole upper body, really -- this perception is even more strange.)

Whatever. I guess I'd rather deal with my body image with a positive set of expectations, rather than a negative one.

Anyway, I still have a lot of work to do so I can be at my 'best' for the Centennial year (which starts on October 7 at our auction). And I'm impatient (as usual).

On the tennis front, the stars have not been alligned so far in the post-Wimbledon summer. Nadal and Federer are just getting started after extended layoffs, but Agassi, Roddick, Blake, Hewitt and many of the women are having a less-than-stellar season. I have to laugh when they show the U.S. Open Road Show commercial, because so many of the participants are losing early, cancelling their appearances or yet to show up at all. I hope we get a Nadal/Federer final at the Rogers Cup this weekend, but I feel like Rafa needs to play a little better to get there. Roger (who turned 25 a couple days ago) is looking his normal, invincible self.

ETA: Rafa lost today! I had a meeting out of the office and missed it, but I just heard. Shit.

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