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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Time flying by . . . 
17th-Aug-2006 11:44 pm
roger - wtf: charliemc
This week went by in a flash. Felt under the weather on Monday and Tuesday and then was slammed on Wednesday and Thursday. And I haven't played tennis in almost a week! Still, I've watched a lot, including having Federer's loss to Andy Murray on in my office yesterday. Wtf? Federer lost to Murray? Is Brad Gilbert REALLY that good a coach???!!!

What a strange summer on the tennis tour.

In the meantime, Charlie is making new mood themes for us -- Nadal for her and Agassi for me. We've had the S.W.A.T. mood theme that Bri made for the past year, and it seems like it's time for a change. If Charlie were awake right now, we'd be working on the Andre themes. I get to match the pics to the moods. Her Rafa theme is done and she's already using it!

We debated going to an early show of 'Snakes on a Plane' tonight, then opted for a nap instead.

Geez, today I was the office mediator. It takes a little too much time, which I don't currently have. God, I need an assistant. Soon.

It's heating up again this weekend. Saturday we go to Sue's for the afternoon, then Sunday Mitch turns 50 and we need to figure out if we're doing something to celebrate. Since his dad died, he certainly shouldn't spend his birthday alone, but maybe he already has plans. We'll find out tomorrow.

And Tom is back from vaca. It was weird not hearing from him for a week. A couple days ago I started wearing his old ring from high school.

Who'da thunk it?
19th-Aug-2006 06:37 pm (UTC)
Your new mood themes are great! The Agassi turned out cool, but I want Rafa!
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