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First Day!

The 2006 U.S. Open has begun! Naturally it wasn't without a major hiccup -- rain! The start was delayed about an hour while they dried the courts, and hopefully that's not a sign of things to come. And then the first match they showed was Justine Henin-Hardenne, one of my least favorite players.

Well, Roddick is cruising right now and Jimbo is sitting watching him. Pretty amazing, actually.

So, we had a busy, busy weekend. Despite the fact my vacation started Friday, I still worked four hours. I had worked until 8:15 the night before and still not even made a dent in the Centennial budgets. Then I ended up playing tennis twice that day when I got home. Saturday we drove to Seaside with Sue and watched the end of the Hood to Coast relay, then Charlie and I 'snuck' up to Washington Park and played tennis under the lights (until they rudely went out and we were left in complete darkness, struggling to even find the balls to pick up).

Yesterday we went up the old Columbia River Highway to our friends' yard sale at the oldest house in the Gorge. They gave us a tour, and the house is so amazing, not to mention the classic cars the two collect. This house opened when the highway did in 1916 and used to be a roadhouse that served only chicken dinners. I bought a 70s vintage tuxedo for $30 that was tailored for Pat. It's in great shape, it fit great and it will be fun to wear to something. Afterward we drove to The Dalles and had dinner with Bob and Sue. We've known Bob for decades, and Charlie and I hadn't seen them in years. It ended up being a lot of fun, actually, mostly because of Bob's great sense of humor. We ate at a place called 'Tijuana,' a family-owned Mexican restaurant.

Sunday morning we had driven all the way to Rainier to play on their tennis courts between the hills and the river. It was so picturesque and pristine, it hardly seemed real. There were dozens of boats out, and we met a kid named Jesse who said he was named after Jesse James. Afterward we stopped on Sauvie Island and picked our first crop of green tomatoes of the year. (Tonight when Agassi plays we'll have our traditional U.S. Open meal: fried green tomatoes!)

Pretty drastic to drive 50 miles to play tennis -- 100 miles roundtrip! But we have a goal to play on as many different courts as we can, and that one is pretty special. I wish we had our new camera, because we want to take photos of all the different courts, just for the fun of it. So far this summer we've played at Columbia Park, Roosevelt High School (the old alma mater and our 'home court'), Peninsula Park, Washington Park and Riverfront Park in Rainier.

I now only want to play with Charlie's Nadal racket. I love it. It really feels great to me, and I've been whacking my forehand with it. Charlie's forced to play with one of my Agassi rackets.

And on a random note, I ate waaay too much this weekend. Last night I walked on the treadmill for an hour, but I barely made a dent in the caloric intake. This must change.

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