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Not Again!

Another wild Agassi match, five sets, down to the wire (how did they avoid the dreaded fifth set tie-break?????). And somehow Agassi won, even though I would have bet mucho $$ that he couldn't possibly.

The three sisters tore it up again. We were pretty mild compared to last year's Blake/Agassi five-setter. Sue only threatened to shoot Baghdatis and put him out of his misery several times, and I peed my pants when he came up lame from cramps in the fifth set, I was laughing so hard at the crazy drama. As usual, the air was blue with our language.

So now I'm going to have to actually hope that Andre pulls through the next match against some guy named Benjamin Becker (from Germany, no less) so he can play Roddick in the fourth round. Having Roddick take Andre out in his final match would be absolute bliss. I want it to be meaningful, and that would be it, just like Andre beating Jimmy all those years ago.

But we'll see if Agassi can even stand up after tonight.

I could hardly stand up after just sitting and watching . . .
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