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Agassi watch . . .

Good lord. CBS is just tripping over itself to try to get enough Agassi stuff in, and the weather is not cooperating. It's rather amusing, actually. We're on Agassi back watch, speculating on what the cool, damp weather will do to that poor aching spinal cord.

It's all about Agassi. Enough about tennis, what about Agassi?

"So, how does it feel to win another Grand Slam, Roger? You're now one of only a handful of men to have won the U.S. Open three times in a row."

"It feels great to win here, the biggest stadium in the world. I am very happy. I worked very hard to--"

"Sorry to interrupt, but tell us what you think about Andre Agassi?"

"Huh? Oh, yes, Andre is a legend, and he has done so much for the game."

Good recovery, Rog!

In the meantime, I wrote both a drabble for the resurrected ka100 and a ficlet (500 words) for the new round_table500. The latter is in my poor little fanfic journal, and I used the title I've been waiting and waiting to use -- I had even thought I might write an angsty 'Hart's War' story and use it, but I couldn't face that fandom after the fabulous fanfic FatJoey wrote. It was the Word a Day on March 19, so I've been saving it for a while: Pyrrhic Victory

I guess I can take that email out of my inbox now! I still have many words left that I want to use in fanfics: Caliginous, dissemble, effete, fletcher, frisson, gordian, mantra, pantheon, propitious, resolute and shellac. The 'oldest' word goes back to May, 2005. Saving these words is just like collecting all those pages from old Reader's Digests (It Pays to Increase Your Word Power!) as I did growing up. And saving the words off the calendar Marcia gave me. Those words inspired me to write a lot of stories and drabbles.

I just love words.

Whoops. I digressed.

Back to the REAL Word of the Day: Agassi!

ETA: The Power of CBS -- they just got Agassi's match officially postponed until Sunday, so they can show it on their coverage.

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