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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Poor Joey! 
18th-Aug-2002 07:29 pm
This post is directed to Joey, who's trying to deal with his changing feelings about Lance (and the Lance/Joey thing).

I completely understand how upsetting it is not to feel the same way about Lance right now. I personally believe you'll come around and get over it, because we've certainly talked about this enough.

But if you don't -- or until you do -- I know it's tough to deal with. It's like suffering through a rocky relationship!

I sometimes think about the day when I'll wake up and not feel the same passion and happiness when I think about the Backstreet Boys. They've added so much to my life in the last two years, and it's been wonderful wrapping myself up in their career and their lives (to a certain extent). But I know their career lifespan is as limited as the lifespan of my obsession. I've been through this before. I'll always love the group and their music. But what about that day when I lose that extra-special obsession I feel for them?

Well, by then (and it could be years from now!) hopefully I'll feel strongly for someone else. Your feelings for Lance have been influenced by finding out you like Justin a great deal more than you thought, for one thing. You had a physical attraction to him (just like when we 'brainwashed' you at the first BSB concert and got you hooked on Nick Carter), and it threw you off.

It's okay to be attracted to more than one person in a group. You know I'm attracted, at different times and in different ways, to each and every BSBer. You've put up with it often enough.

And I know it can't be whether Lance goes to space or not. Whether he goes or not, he's committed himself to something, and it's worth admiring. It's nice to see these guys doing something away from their careers, like Kevin speaking before Congress, for instance. If Brian decided to buy a baseball team so he could play a season of big league ball, I'd support him (regardless of how silly it might seem).

Lance hasn't abandoned *NSYNC anymore than Justin has. (And if turns out that Nick Carter has abandoned BSB, I'll fight to keep loving him and so will you, I'll bet.)

Well, it sounds like a lecture from your mother. But I just say, give it time. I know it hasn't happened overnight, so just believe that after a certain amount of time, your feelings will continue to evolve. That's what happens in everything we do, in everything (and everyone) we love and in everything we learn. It's not called growing up. It's just called growing.

(Chalie and I can still watch the old 'Batman' series and love it. We still love the Monkees. We still write 'Man From UNCLE' fic, and we still watch classic 'Trek' -- to name just a few of our many obsessions over the years. What goes around comes around.)

Here's a big hug! We love you!
18th-Aug-2002 07:40 pm (UTC) - Corny-Warning (lol)

I actually got tears in my eyes reading this. Okay, that's probably a little weird, but it's the truth...

Wow, you have such a way with words! I wish I could have stated my thoughts to Joey as well as you did...

Anyway, thanks for sharing those thoughts. I don't know if they've helped Joey or not, but they mean a lot to me (and I plan to read them to my entire family).


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