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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Long time no see . . . 
24th-Sep-2006 12:38 pm
So, has work been kicking my butt or have I just been taking a vaca from on line? Neither, really . . . and both. Time flies when you're having fun -- and working like a madman.

The auction is now two weeks out. But most of my time is being spent on Centennial anyway. It's difficult to squeeze 50 hours into four days. I think I made it to around 46 this week. And I've been using the treadmill and mini-tramp, although we haven't played any tennis for a week and a half. I have *really* cut back on the munching, that's for sure.

Now that 'Miami Vice' is in second run, we've seen it twice more (once through to the end). I really ended up loving it. Too bad it tanked, but whatever. I'm used to that.

Yesterday we went to Portland's Pirate Festival. $15 for adults and $8 for kids (2 and under free). Yikes. We had to spend mucho $$ when we got in, just to justify the cover. The event was held in my neck of the woods under the St. Johns Bridge at Cathedral Park, so it was quite the uphill hike to get out of there.

Was it worth the $15? Well, if we had taken our camera, I could have shared the wonderful costumes. But unless we had decided to go back last night and have some grog -- and we didn't -- I'd say no. I liked their signage, and we *loved* their vendors, but the lines for everything were ridiculous. And you couldn't get a good vantage point to see the battles on the beach. Anyway, we got Charlie a wonderful pirate hat for the auction. Now I still have to find my fedora.

We went to Kristen's house warming last night. Friday we had pedicures and ran into Ron, Ira and Brian at the Starbucks near the mall (which was kind of cool and stalkerish-freaky all at the same time).

The U.S. lost in Davis Cup to Russia. Roddick dropped the pivotal match 15-17 in the fifth set. Dude! So much for rubbers on clay . . .

The weather is now fabulous, the Indian summer we're famous for, gorgeous, warm, perfect. Today we have to play tennis no matter what else we do. I want to keep a little sun on my skin for as long as can. Am I stressed that I've only crossed one thing off my weekend TO DO list? A bit . . .

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28th-Sep-2006 08:22 am (UTC)
Yeah, it sucks that we didn't take the camera. (Or, rather, that I forgot it!!!) That would have made for some great photos! But the $$$ to get in??? Who'd have guessed that?

Wow. It also sucks that the U.S.A. is out of Davis Cup. Dude! (smile)

The weather has been great. I just wish I wasn't sick so I could enjoy it more. (sigh)

Regardless, I think we should try and see "Miami Vice" again this week -- before it's gone in second run! I love that damn movie. I wish they were bringing it out tomorrow on DVD!!!

And it's hard to believe the auction is so soon. I wonder what we'll end up buying this year? (grin)
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