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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
31st-Oct-2006 08:51 pm
So they were very nice to me at Hooters yesterday when I went in to get a tank top for today's staff party. I wore pajama bottoms and a t-shirt from Target, then stripped them off to reveal my 'moonlighting' outfit, yellow shorts and the tank top, along with black boots (which are *not* what the girls wear at Hooters). It was fun, although I didn't completely fool too many people at work (who were not buying the pajamas thing).

Tom sent me an email about the Hooters outfit that was so hilarious I laughed out loud ("hooted" with laughter????).

We've had more than 70 kids trick-or-treating so far, and a few have been able to appreciate the Hooters thing (and a couple dads have). Charlie's got the whole pirate thing going, and there are far more kids who can get into that (one completely fixated on her plastic cutlass we got for $5 yesterday).

Anyway, I've been watching the Halloween edition of 'Dancing With the Stars,' which has been really good (I like the theme), while I wait for trick-or-treaters. We'll turn the lights out at 9:00, as usual.

I absolutely stuffed myself tonight -- two donuts, two hotdogs, lots of baked Ruffles and chili. Yikes. Good thing I did the treadmill for 55 minutes last night (while we watched the DVD of 'MI3'). I need to put the brakes on the munching and hit the gas peddle on the workouts. Sounds like a recipe for a better bod. (With that insight I should write a book!)

My journal is now moving so slowly that I can barely stand it. The advice I got from Support did not help, but I appreciated that I finally got an answer.

Tomorrow I have a record seven meetings -- and the first gathering of our Student Producers at the end of the day, which is very exciting. Our curriculum actually starts next week! (Unbelievable.) And Angel was calling the actors today to offer him our living history roles . . . wow. Things are certainly moving!

And my car is supposedly moving. It's ready to be picked up -- naturally on a day when I CANNOT pick it up (as I told them last week).

Are we doing NaNo? I'm still not sure (and it starts tomorrow).
3rd-Nov-2006 02:43 am (UTC)
You guys are a hoot!!
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