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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
December already? 
3rd-Dec-2006 05:42 pm
dust this off colin : charliemc
I posted once in November, the day I learned Wayne had died.

Actually, I think that was plenty for November, 2006, when I think about it!

Things have been crazy busy, as ever, and I let those things take over my life this past month. I've let waaaay too much go, including myself, and it's time to get it back under control. I've lost track of my LJ friends as well as my RL ones, and I miss them!

Anyway, I saw the prompt at round_table500 and I got a thought in my head that wouldn't go away. Maybe writing a little fanfic will inspire me to blog more often.

The first meeting of our Writer's Circle group at the beginning of this month was really wonderful. We're meeting again next week (because we couldn't fit it in any earlier with all the holiday happenings), and I still need to polish my November story. This group is going to be really good for me when it comes to writing things *other* than fanfic. I've also done two entries now in my Centennial blog at our website, and I'm enjoying that. I just need to keep up with it.

Wayne's memorial was actually just an open house, and it was very emotional for me. I had read the toast I wrote for him at our board meeting a couple nights earlier, and I gave his wife a copy when I got to his house. I hadn't been there before, and I was so impressed with what an amazing place it was. So many collectibles from their travels and from Judy's artistic talents. (She's coming to our board holiday party Tuesday night, and that will be nice. Charlie and I sat with them both last year, so hopefully we can get a place for Judy at our table.)

Hullo to all my flisters! I'll catch up soon, I hope. (Jimbo, it's WONDERFUL to see you posting fanfic again!)
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