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Birthdays and Christmas and Work, Oh My!

I've been so uninspired to blog, even for work. I need to do an entry for our website, but I haven't quite gotten around to it. Where has the time gone? I've got to get my shit together, because 2007 is almost officially here, and it will never come again.

In the meantime, I'm watching 'Miami Vice' for the umpteenth time.

I need to wish a Happy Birthday to brn_gamble. And I missed cruisedirector's b-day, and who knows how many others. I've just been awful. I'm a little overwhelmed with everything right now, what with the furnace going in this week, the windstorm, our writer's circle, our living history characters debuting last week, our film shoot last weekend and all the holiday parties. I can't seem to work, socialize, write, work out and keep it all together right now. I can only manage so much.

Good news: I now have the Tennis Channel! Major squee.

And now I think I'll actually post a drabble to the ka100 community and answer some of my feedback.

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