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Mistress Marilyn's POV

No shit, Tempus Fugit!

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Mistress Marilyn
Mistress Marilyn's POV
Tempus Fugit
(when you're having festivus!)

I really want to blog again. I really want to write fanfic. I want to run another half marathon. I want to take long walks and long rides, and not just to our new house in Seaside. I want to get our writing group going again.

And I want to stay connected with new friends and get connected with old friends. I love Facebook, but it's not enough.

I want to continue to find movies and historic events and TV shows to obsess over. And speaking of the latter, I'm glad nobody ever told Emily Thorne one of the most important lessons I ever learned ... that Living Well is the Best Revenge!

abduction, alexander the great, american outlaws, american top 40, andre agassi, andy murray, april dancer, ask the dust, bagoas, batman, big valley, bonanza, boondock saints, bradley cooper, brian gamble, britney spears, brother peter lavin, bruce willis, bruce/harvey, camelot, cardinal wolsey, carlisle cullen, cats, catwoman, christian bale, civ iii, colin farrell, columbia river gorge, conrad grayson, daniel grayson, edward cullen, emily thorne, ethan hunt, event management, exercise, facebook, fanfic, fatjoey, fitness, forks, gamble/street, gladiator, harry potter, hart's war, harvey dent, harvey/bruce, henry czerny, in bruges, indiana jones, iron man, jeremy northam, jeremy renner, jesse james, jim street, john connor, john dillinger, kevin richardson, king arthur, lancer, las vegas, legends of the fall, let it ride, lotr, male pregnancy, marathons, marcus wright, maria sharapova, marilyn monroe, maryhill museum, master & commander, melvin purvis, miami vice, mpreg, music, nanowrimo, newsies, nick carter, novak djokovic, nude sunbathing, nyc marathon, poker, pop music, princess diana, proof of life, protein diet, public enemies, public speaking, pug dogs, rafael nadal, remember me, revenge, robert pattinson, rock of ages, roger federer, rps, running, russell crowe, s.w.a.t., sean bean, sean patrick flanery, serial killers, shopping, singing, sir thomas more, slash, sonny crockett, star trek, star wars, tattoos, taylor lautner, tennis, terminator: salvation, the backstreet boys, the camerlengo, the cullens, the dark knight, the new world, the persian boy, the prestige, the recruit, the tudors, titanic, tofog, tom cruise, tony stark, troy, tv, twilight, twincest, u.s. open, victoria grayson, wimbledon, work, working out, writing, young indiana jones

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